love songs

  • (love-song) love song: a song about love or expressing love for another person
  • Love Songs EP is an EP by Alien Ant Farm, released in 1998.
  • Love Songs was the third Bee Gees compilation album in four years, though the first to cover a specific musical style.

love songs for him

A Love Song for Mr. Samy V.

A Love Song for Mr. Samy V.

A Love Song for Mr. Samy V.

" Mr Samy Vellu attends a UN meeting on space exploration by 2008. He is representing the Malaysian Prime Minister. Here are some of the conversations:
China Delegate: "By the year 2008, China will start their moon
exploration project."
Russian Delegate: "We too, we are going to explore the moon. This time we
will see to it that our cosmonauts will step on the moon."
George Bush: "We the United States will also explore the moon – for the second time."
Malaysian Delegate: "By the year 2008, Malaysia will explore the sun."
There was a long silence. Bush stood up and asked the Malaysian delegate:
"Isn’t it too hot to explore the sun?"
Samy Vellu (thinking for awhile): "We will do it in the evening."

"Songs for Tiffany" (Warm-Up), -6.

"Songs for Tiffany" (Warm-Up), -6.
I love taking pics while Michael is getting ready for a show! This past Saturday night he played for our special friend Tiffany!